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The MAXX Ultra Smart Hub $599

The MAXX Ultra Smart Hub $599 Built in Australia, the hybrid entertainment hub with Wi-Fi is compatible for Apple and Android devices, costs a pretty reasonable $599. 

It takes the best bits of an ultra smart set top box, media streamer and player, with fast video streaming, oodles of content including Internet TV channels, live TV and on-demand libraries, radio stations and podcasts. 

It will make a dumb TV (with no internet connection) smart, and lets you watch IPTV, and apps like YouTube straight on the big screen. 

The MAXX is a gem of a device now that HBBTV (Hybrid broadcast broadband) known as FreeviewPlus has been introduced by free-to-air networks, said David Mitchell, Director – Product R&D Seebo.

“The introduction of HBBTV will change the entire TV landscape, making it easier for viewers to enjoy TV and Internet through the same interface, and interact live.” 

Seebo MAXX is powered by Intel Atom Dual Core processor and NVIDIA GeForce GT218 Graphics Card, and has a dual tuner and cool 7.1 Dolby Digital surround sound. 

The MAXX box also has dual band WiFi, connects to external storage devices and 500GB of HDD storage. 

You can flip the remote to use a full QWERTY keyboard to control the smart box, that transforms into a phone handset with a built-in VoIP telephone system.

The Seebo MAXX will be available from October 2014 with a RRP of $599, available via www.seebo.com.au and in select retailers across Australia.