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HTC One M9 To Get Camera + Battery Upgrade

HTC One M9 To Get Camera + Battery Upgrade


The new 1.40.401.5 version of the software is based on
Android 5.0.2 with HTC Australia set to deliver the upgrade later this month.
Australia is a difficult market for smartphone manufacturers due to the
different LTE spectrums that carriers operate their smartphones on. This has
resulted in slow roll out of models such as the new LG G4 and lengthy delays
for models already in the market.


The HTC One M9 upgrades will improve the performance of both
the camera and battery life of the device.


Camera improvements include greater auto-exposure balance
that improves overexposure.


Low light noise and blur have also been reduced, resulting
in clear and more detailed images. Yellow and green hue reduction in photos
captured in extreme lighting.


Battery life improvements consist of reduced power
consumption by YouTube and Facebook – two apps which you are likely to use
often on the device. Heat management during charging of the One M9 has also
been improved.


Beginning today, the new firmware for the device will roll
out to users in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, with Australia due to get
later this month. HTC One M9 devices in Taiwan already received the update.