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Global 4K Display Market To Grow 94% In 2015

Global 4K Display Market To Grow 94% In 2015While 4K displays are currently dominated by the TV market, starting this year IHS expects 4K will emerge in all major display applications, including desktop monitors, notebook PCs, OLED TVs, digital signage, smartphones and tablet PCs.

IHS’ Quarterly Worldwide FPD Shipment and Forecast Report reveals the 4K display market reached US$9.2 billion last year, with 4K LCD TV contributing US$8.8 billion to overall revenue. IHS has forecast the market will grow 94 per cent year-on-year, reaching US$18 billion in 2015.

By 2020, IHS has forecast that the market will reach US$52 billion amid the evolution of new display process technologies, enhancing the 4K display yield rate and lowering costs.

“Since its market introduction in 2013, TV brands have recognised that 4K is a great way to enhance value, so they have strongly promoted 4K models,” commented David Hsieh, IHS senior director of display research.

“4K content and broadcasting availability is also on the rise, which is helping more TV buyers recognise the value of this feature. Meanwhile, LCD TV panel makers have continuously improved 4K panel yield, which has reduced costs and facilitated even more consumer adoption.”

This year, LCD panel makers are targeting 40 million 4K LCD TV panel shipments, representing 17 per cent of all LCD TV panel shipments, IHS stated, with smartphones and other mobile devices also representing a growth area for the market as the “TV everywhere” concept fuels consumer desire for higher-resolution screens in their mobile devices.

While 4K LCD TVsĀ  will continue to be the largest segment of the market, IHS expects smartphones and OLED TVs to experience the strongest growth this year, stating that as display technology improves fine-pitch pixel designs and brightness transmittance, 4K displays will become more affordable for mobile devices.

Sub-pixel rendering (SPR) technology will also become an important way for panel makers to enhance 4K pixel design in their displays, IHS stated.

“The main benefits of SPR include fewer sub-pixels, higher transmission and lower power consumption,” Hsieh commented. “SPR is an important element in the growth of the 4K display market.”