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Expanded Bluesound Gear Includes New Design Improved Sound Output + Connection To Home Automation Systems

Expanded Bluesound Gear Includes New Design Improved Sound Output + Connection To Home Automation Systems

The second-generation Bluesound wireless multizone-audio products will also be smaller than the original models launched in 2014. 

The Lenbrook-owned brand unveiled its first BlueSound products in October 2013, this was quickly followed with an Australian launch in 2014. 

Overnight the Company unveiled Gen 2 of the Bluesound offering that includes, an all-new platform that represents a reinvention of virtually every aspect of the product’s design and performance. Bluesound’s new line-up of multi-room wireless streaming digital music players, along with two entirely new models, features a fresh, compact industrial design, enhanced features and re-engineered performance across the board. 

Bluesound features BluOST, a proprietary purpose-built operating system that connects, organizes, and controls all the ways to enjoy music whether it is streamed from the cloud, stored on a smart device or computer, or stored on CDs.  Bluesound integrates all these sources into a single music stream, and delivers studio-quality music to every room in the home. From night table to lounge to dedicated listening room Bluesound has a Player to fit every situation. Of the six new models, three integrate with new or existing audio systems, and three are complete plug-and-play music systems. 

NODE 2 Wireless Streaming Music Player 
POWERNODE 2 Amplified Wireless Streaming Music Player 
VAULT 2 Streaming Music Player, 2TB Storage and CD Ripper 
PULSE 2 Full Size All-In-One Wireless Streaming Music Player 
PULSE MINI All-In-One Wireless Streaming Music Player 
PULSE FLEX All-In-One Wireless Portable Streaming Music Player 

New feature enhancements and technologies of Bluesound Gen 2: ?

. Powerful ARM? CortexT-A9 CPU running at 1GHz

. Improved connectivity with both Analog and Optical Inputs

. IR Sensor with TV Connect learning function

. Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX? high-fidelity codec support 

. Headphone Output with Dedicated Amplifier

. Coax Digital Out (NODE 2, VAULT 2)

. Gigabit Ethernet speed

. New advanced Wi-Fi design

. Best-in-class audio performance

. Industrial design by renowned designer David Farrage of DF-ID. 

“With Bluesound Gen 2, we have taken what was already a category-leading line-up and reengineered virtually every area of its appearance, usability and performance,” explained John Banks, Bluesound Chief Brand Officer. “Our mission is to continue to elevate the entire multi-room audio sector with a compelling blend of technology, performance, design and convenience that will appeal to a growing segment of performance-minded enthusiasts.”

Bristling with new features and technology that are all aimed at an enhanced user experience, Gen 2 resets the performance bar in this category.  The TV Connect feature endows most models with the ability to connect to your TV and integrate its IR control functions for a seamless integration of TV sound.  The ability to stream music and sound directly from your handheld smart device either via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is another great new enhancement to the Bluesound experience.  Faster processing and network connections improve responsiveness of the Bluesound Controller App.

The Bluesound Controller App is also being redesigned with new graphics and an enhanced layout for even more intuitive operation.  Fully backward compatible with Bluesound Gen 1, the upgraded Controller App adds many new enhancements.  Presets, for example, allow a favorite playlist or program to start playing with one simple touch.  The Bluesound Controller App is available on iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), Android, Kindle Fire, and Windows & Mac OS X desktops. Control4 also certifies Bluesound for integration into advanced control systems. 

The sleek new industrial design for Bluesound was created by renowned designer David Farrage of DF-ID.  All models are available in both black and white finishes.

The new range will be available in Australia late in 2015.