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Samsung Goes Round The Bend Competing With Apple Watch

Samsung Goes Round The Bend Competing With Apple Watch

New information released for developers reveals that round is in at Samsung, with a new developer kit providing specifications, for Gear bezel-based functions found in the new Samsung smartwatch.

The SDK includes screen shots showing what to expect when using the smartwatch, it also includes new functionality descriptions including how to use a digital crown, when rotating the side wind bezel.

The new bezel can be used to navigate between screens, as well as to scroll through lists.

Owners can also control zoom when looking at images, alter the volume, and other aspects.

Navigating the codenamed “Project Orbis” device can also be performed using the round touchscreen, with notifications from a connected smartphone appearing on the Tizen-based user interface.

According to specifications in the SDK, the next Gear’s round screen will have a resolution of 360×360 and a pixel density of 305ppi, slightly higher than those of the Gear, Gear 2, and Gear S. The specifications list reveals it will have gyro, acceleration, heartbeat, pressure, magnetic, and GPS sensors, and possibly a cellular data connection as well, allowing it to work independently of a smartphone. The cameras from earlier versions has also disappeared, and it will not apparently include an ambient light sensor. 

Samsung has teased the watch previously, but has not hinted at when it will reveal the device. It is likely that Samsung will wait for a major event, such as IFA 2015, to showcase the smartwatch alongside a new flagship smartphone.