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Yamaha Revamps Its Hi Fi Range

Yamaha Revamps Its Hi Fi Range

The new suite of integrated amplifiers comprises of three models: the A-S701, A-S501 and A-S301. These all feature what Yamaha terms its ‘Natural Sound’ quality, enabling them to deliver a high standard of Hi Fi performance. 

“It is with a resolute dedication to the 2 channel category that Yamaha introduces a new and updated range”, said Justin d’Offay, product manager for Yamaha. “We hope to reinvigorate a passion for music within existing Hi Fi circles, while inspiring a new generation to discover the benefits of a quality Hi Fi system.”

The new models feature digital audio connections – both optical and coaxial – for TV and Blu-ray sources as well as support for Yamaha’s optional YBA-11 Bluetooth Adaptor enabling wireless music streaming from Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Each model is engineered utilising Yamaha’s ToP-ART (Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology) amplifier design technology which arranges the left and right channels in a direct, symmetrical layout. In addition, an ART (Anti-Resonance and Tough) Base reinforces the chassis and promotes vibration damping for better audio performance.

These new amplifiers feature a Pure Direct mode which minimises signal degradation by directing the signal to the shortest route. By bypassing the buffer amp and tone, loudness and balance controls, the amplifier delivers purer sound reproduction. The A-S701 also features CD Direct Amplification which maximises the signal-to-noise ratio of CD sources.

The A-S701, A-S501 and A-S301 are available now for $1,099, $799 and $599 RRP (recommended retail price) respectively. A two-year warranty applies to all models and each is available in either silver or black finish.