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Bush Reinvents Retro

Bush Reinvents Retro

Either is an up-to-the-minute, multi-room,
Bluetooth wireless, DAB+/Internet radio audio system built to combine the ease
of use of a traditional radio with all the mod cons the wireless music lover
demands these days.

The Heritage 11 is more than a digital radio.
Its Internet radio connectivity offers a choice of more than 16,000 stations.
We surfed through a wide collection of them and enjoyed the glitch-free romp
through music genres and a vast range of albums and tracks that are simply
not available on Australian radio networks.

Connecting to Internet radio is easy on the
Heritage 11 if your router supports WPS and ours does. It was simply a matter
of choosing WPS to get the radio talking to the router, then touching the WPS
key on the router and keying in the Bush Heritage 11s pin. This took all of
about two minutes.

The Heritage 11 is also Spotify Connect
enabled which opens the door to a library of more than 30 million tracks using Spotify
Premium. Spotify is already built into the Heritage 11, which is a deft move by

We used an IPhone loaded with a Spotify app
to access some of our favourite music. And yes, such is the canny ability of digital
appliances these days; we could still take calls and dip into other apps while
the music kept playing.

Pairing a phone or tablet is a cinch thanks
to the NFC technology built into the Bush’s memory bank.

If you end up with two or three Heritage
11s and with the $499 rrp, many people will, you’ll end up with wireless
streaming options to different rooms of your house.

While Bush hasn’t included a remote control
with Heritage 11, it can be operated from a smart device by an app called
UNDOK, which allows streaming music from shared sources via your home network

Yes, you can read and select Internet radio
sources from the Radio’s home screen but we found it much moir? enjoyable to lie
on our couch and select what we needed from our mobile phone.

Sound quality from a mantle radio with such
a compact footprint is commendably high. Vocals were never less than crisp and
clear and whilst there wasn’t floor-shaking amount of bass, what was there was

The Heritage 11 takes the humble mantle
radio to a whole new level of technical excellence. It sounds good and is easy
top use. It’s also an inexpensive multi-room wireless solution that works and
works well.

In even better news, Bush will release a
portable model called the P1 Connect in November priced at $449.

Think of the P1 as the fully portable
version of the Bush Heritage 11 and you can see why we’re excited and looking
forward to having a play with this wee portable.

For more info www.bushaustralia.com.au