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RTI Takes Contol Of Denon Heos Speakers

RTI Takes Contol Of Denon Heos Speakers

Recently Denon said that they are working with several
Companies to integrate Heos products into automation systems.

With the launch of free two-way drivers developed by RTI and
Denon, installers will be able to add a Heos wireless multiroom-audio system to
RTI home-automation systems. From a single page of an RTI user interface,
consumers will be able to browse online streaming and PC-stored music, as well
as adjust audio settings on up to 16 Heos speakers.

At this stage Denon has not said which companies or when the
drivers would be available for other systems.

 “We have a publicly
available control API and work directly with control manufacturers to get the
best Heos experience up and running on their systems,” said Denon product
manager Paul Belanger.

Although installers have integrated other-brand
wireless-multiroom-audio speakers into home-control systems, in most cases, the
integration is available via third-party drivers that are backward-engineered.
As a result, a wireless-speaker maker could push an update that breaks compatibility
with the third-party driver, marketers said.

The drivers also don’t always support all features of a
specific brand of wireless multiroom-audio speakers. The two-way driver for Denon Heos is available now on RTI’s website at RTICorp.com.