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Survey Shows Aussies Satisfied With Telcos’ Level Of Service

Survey Shows Aussies Satisfied With TelcosAccording to the quarterly national
survey, carried out for the Communications Alliance by Roy Morgan
Research, a record high 85 per cent of customers are satisfied, very
satisfied or neutral about the service they receive, compared to 82 per
cent in the previous quarter.

The survey, the tenth conducted in
the series, showed 36 per cent of customers are satisfied and
32 per cent of customers very satisfied, with 17 per cent neither dissatisfied nor satisfied, while 8 per cent were dissatisfied and 6 per
cent very dissatisfied.

The Communications Alliance noted the
survey results “show an encouraging lift in customer satisfaction with
the way service providers handle their complaints”, with 76 per cent of
respondents satisfied/neutral over the last six months compared
to the first survey’s 66 per cent.

The figures for those
satisfied (34 per cent) and very satisfied (27 per cent) with complaints
handling were at record highs, while 15 per cent were neither dissatisfied nor satisfied, with 11 per cent dissatisfied and
13 per cent very dissatisfied.

While the survey found that 33 per
cent of respondents received a bill in the last six months that was
higher than expected, 76 per cent of those respondents were aware that
there are tools to help them monitor their spending.

The survey
additionally showed a continuing improvement in satisfaction with the
ease of understanding bills, which has risen by 7 per cent since
surveying began, with 89 per cent of respondents satisfied/neutral,
while 80 per cent of respondents were satisfied/neutral with the ease of
contacting their provider, up 11 per cent from the first survey.

service providers already deliver outstanding customer service and
industry’s concerted improvement efforts, combined with the impact of
the TCP Code, has already seen customer complaints to the industry
ombudsman fall by more than 40 per cent to an eight year low, recorded
at the end of 2014,” the Communications Alliance stated in releasing the