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TV Continues To Thrive In New Media Landscape

TV Continues To Thrive In New Media LandscapeThe survey provides a snapshot of how Australians are consuming different media and entertainment, along with preferred technologies and how consumers respond to different media and advertising.

Think TV notes that among the key take-outs from the survey, watching TV and surfing the internet are Australians preferred forms of entertainment, while new technologies have increased our opportunities to watch content. Consumers are, in turn, embracing monthly, low-cost subscription options.

Multi-tasking, meanwhile, has become mainstream, with 25 per cent of multi-taskers actively engaging in activities related to what they are watching. Browsing for products online while watching TV was also engaged in by one in five respondents.

The modern connected home is packing an increasing amount and diversity of tech, providing consumers a range of options when accessing the internet, having on average of 2.2 televisions, 1.9 laptops, 1.7 tablets and 2.3 smartphones.

Meanwhile, the household penetration of laptops, tablets and digital video recorders is declining.

Television advertising continues to have the biggest influence on purchasing decisions when compared with other media, Think TV noted the survey found, with 63 per cent of respondents citing TV as the most important influence on their buying decisions.