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Microsoft Store Sydney-Bound

Microsoft Store Sydney-Bound

Microsoft has 112 stores in the US and Canada but the company is looking closely at the Sydney venture as the model for more such stores, both in Australia and other international markets, according to an ITWire report,

Jonathan Adashek, Microsoft GM of communications strategy, said the first store was opened in Scottsdale in the US about six years ago, but that Aussies are “different” and the company had to be sure that the store experience is tailored for the locals.

“If someone comes in and wants to install Office 365 on their iPad, we will do it for them – usually without a labour charge,” he said.

Adashek claimed Microsoft would launch the store with typical “glitz and glamour”. And he said it would showcase a collection of brands, including devices from HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer and Toshiba.