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ABC Shops To Close With Focus To Shift Online

ABC Shops To Close With Focus To Shift OnlineThe ABC has today advised that ABC Commercial “will begin a phased exit from its portfolio of ABC Shop properties”, reviewing its lease arrangements with landlords and developing “a revised retail model with a focus on ABC Shop Online and ABC-branded outlets in other retailers”.

In announcing the move, the ABC has acknowledged the “changing retail environment”, with consumers increasingly accessing content digitally and making physical product purchases online.

Recent Deloitte research has revealed that digital interactions influenced 40 per cent of in-store retail visits in Australia, finding that 65 per cent of customers use a digital device before shopping and 31 per cent while shopping, in noting the influence that digital is now wielding on Australian retail.

“It is no longer possible for the ABC to sustain a large network of leased stores, traditionally reliant on DVD and CD formats,” the ABC stated. “However, ABC DVDs, music, books, toys and merchandise will still be widely available for customers to purchase through ABC Shop Online and other retailers.”

Robert Patterson, ABC Commercial director, noted the decision “has not been taken lightly”, with the ABC seeking to create “a more cost-effective, nimble and flexible approach to servicing customers”.

“This direction is also in keeping with the shift of ABC audiences to accessing content across an array of digital platforms, while maintaining an appropriate level of physical retail distribution,” Patterson commented.

“The ABC is confident that this new strategy will ensure continued audience engagement. Consumers will still be able to purchase much loved content both online and in stores.”