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Panasonic To Expand Appliances Range

Panasonic To Expand Appliances Range Demand for Panasonic appliances is strong – the HA unit has grown 20% in the  last 3 years. 

 The aim is to continue this growth by adding new product lines, says Sophie Barton, Group Manager Appliances & AC, although did not comment on specific new lines. 

“The long term strategy is to increase its presence in the appliance space,” the appliance exec told CN. 

Last week, the white goods maker launched a new healthy recipe website, The Ideas Kitchen, and new products including fruit juicers, hand stick blenders, as it positions itself as the go-to brand for kitchen and cooking gear.

New products are likely to launch next year, however. 

It has a significant presence in the small appliance sector with an extensive range of rice cooker and bread makers. 

Data from GFK shows ‘healthy’ kitchen appliances including juicers and blenders are in big demand among health conscious Australians and continuing to drive the small appliance sector, one of the healthiest growth sectors withing the technology market, at present. 

“Products like low-oil fryers and slow juicers suggest that consumers are willing to pay more than twice the price for kitchen appliances that promote health benefits,” a recent Gfk report indicated. 

Meanwhile, growth in major domestic appliances also rose for the first time in two quarters, driven by “feature-rich” devices, in Q2 14. 

The reason appliances have become more popular is consumers are more time poor these days and want products to suit their lifestyle, says Barton. 

Appliance that help to saving time and energy are key features consumers are looking for. However, unlike rivals LG and Samsung, Pana’s ‘smart’ appliances don’t yet feature Wi-Fi connectivity. 

However, the brand is not at a disadvantage, Barton believes. 

“Consumers are always looking for the latest advancements in technology but its not an area we’re focusing on primarily at the moment.” 

Panasonic is championing other technologies like Econavi energy and time saving technology and ‘smart’ tech including sensors, Steam Action technology and 3D wash on washing machines, Vitaminsafe food storage in fridges.