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Is ‘Revolutionary Design’ Killing Interest In Samsung Galaxy Smartphones?


The Galaxy S6 will be a radical new look including new materials and rounded edges while the HTC M9 will look similar to the prior model the only difference will be that the device is thinner and lighter than the prior model.

While the likes of Apple and HTC evolve their smartphones, similar to what BMW, Audi and BMW do with their new automobile models, brands such as Samsung tend to go for a “Revolutionary” new model in an effort to lure consumers.
Now some observers are now claiming that this is the reason that Samsung is facing a slump in demand for their Galaxy smartphones. 

When Apple accused Samsung of copying their designs a series of high-profile lawsuits followed along with a tremendous amount of media pressure. This saw Samsung head in a new design direction. 

During the past two quarters Samsung profits have slumped while Apple has piled up the cash, this say insiders has resulted in some deep “soul searching” at Samsung. 

The new Galaxy S6, has been the subject of numerous leaks and rumours over the past few weeks.

According to some of the rumours Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 will look similar to the new Apple iPhone.

For example, Samsung will supposedly move away from flimsy-feeling plastics for the first time and build the phone entirely out of aluminium and glass, just like the HTC One 8 and the iPhone 5. It will also launch a new product called Samsung Pay, according to an exclusive BGR report that functions much the same way as Apple Pay.

Now, a new report from South Korean news site Digital Daily suggests that Samsung’s Galaxy S6 will follow Apple’s lead in delivering new security capabilities. 

Apple only Apple’s partner with companies that make accessories, and they’re all approved for use with Apple devices.

And it looks like Samsung will employ the exact same accessory authentication chip system with its new Galaxy S6.

“Samsung Electronics is attempting to build a new ecosystem of mobile phone accessories through its ‘Galaxy S6’ phone,” Digital Daily’s Yun Sang-ho wrote in a report on Tuesday. “It wants to increase the number of partner companies and maximize profits by strengthening its authentication system and developing the market of authentic products, like Apple.”

He continued, “According to Samsung and other sources, Samsung Electronics has decided to manufacture authentication chips and mount them on the accessories for the Galaxy S6. It will also supply the chips to the companies that want to produce accessories for the phone. It is the first time for Samsung to produce authentication chips by itself and supply them to third parties.”

The new Galaxy S6 will feature a quad HD display, a 64-bit octa-core processor, a 20-megapixel rear camera, up to 128GB of internal storage and Android Lollipop according to our sources.