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Belkin Launches Smart LEDs In Oz

Belkin Launches Smart LEDs In Oz

The products launched are the Wemo LED Lighting Starter Set (retailing for $169.95) and the Wemo Smart LED Bulbs (retailing for $49.95). These LEDs work in conjunction with other Wemo devices including the 
Switch and Switch+Motion, to deliver tailored home automation solutions.

The Wemo Smart LED Bulbs work with the Wemo Link to connect to a home’s Wi-Fi network and are controlled via the Wemo app. With a potential life span of up to 23 years, the longer lasting, energy-efficient bulbs produce the same amount of light as a traditional 60-watt bulb, but only consume 10 watts of energy. 

At 800 lumens and 3000 kelvins, the bulbs give off a bright, white light and are dimmable to create different moods within your home.

Belkin ANZ marketing manager, Emma Holley, said: “More than any other element in the connected home, smart lighting is functional, emotional and most significantly, economical. The new Wemo Smart LED Bulbs 
give consumers endless options for controlling and customising their household lighting to suit their needs and creates a considerably broader home automation integration offering.”

“Whether at home or away, Australian consumers can utilise Wemo smart lighting to; make the most of increased energy savings, turn off lights they forgot on their way out, dim lights over time when putting 
little ones to sleep and deter burglars when on holiday. The Wemo family of products enhanced by todays announcement about our new smart lighting solutions, truly puts Aussies in control and makes their lives easier,” she added.

The Wemo app allows users to customise lighting schedules, create rules based on the sunrise or sunset timing, set a vacation mode for simulated occupancy, as well as turn on a dim-to-sleep feature, which 
programs the light to gradually dim until completely off over a set period of time.

The Wemo LED Starter Set includes two Wemo Smart LED Bulbs and a Wemo Link, which can support up to 50 individual smart bulbs. For more information go to www.belkin.com.au