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Wearable Power: Intel Introduces Curie

Wearable Power: Intel Introduces CurieWith technology research firm Gartner late last year forecasting that almost a third of smart wearables will be completely unobtrusive to the eye by 2017, Intel is clearly looking to get one step ahead of the game with the tiny module.

Intel states Curie can “enable efficient and intelligent wearable solutions”, with a broad range of potential applications.

Indeed, with the wearables world set to expand, Intel notes Curie could be utilised in a number of different form factors, ranging from rings, bags, bracelets and pendants, to fitness trackers, and even buttons.

Scheduled to ship in the second half of the year, Curie includes the Intel Quark SE SoC, Bluetooth low-energy radio, sensors and battery charging, with Intel stating it has been designed with power efficiency in mind.

Intel states Curie can “run for extended periods from a coin-sized battery by leveraging its power-efficient Intel Quark core combined with its dedicated sensor hub processor”.

“The rise of new personal computing experiences, intelligent and connected devices, and the wearable revolution are redefining the relationship between consumers and technology,” Intel CEO Brian Krzanich commented.

“Our goal with Intel technology is to help solve real problems and enable experiences that are truly desired by people and businesses.”

In line with its focus on wearables, Intel has also announced a strategic collaboration with sunglasses and sports equipment manufacturer Oakley, with the companies working on an intelligent product “designed to enhance athletes’ performance”, to be available later this year.