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Telstra To Sell Drones + Crumpler Bags In New Melbourne Lifestyle Store

Telstra To Sell Drones + Crumpler Bags In New Melbourne Lifestyle Store

The carrier who is looking to expand their range of attach gear, will now sell an expanded range of drones, tablets, PC’s and Internet of Things devices such as security cameras, home controllers and eventually health kit gear, will open their new store this morning.

In the past Telstra stores have sterile and more about selling a mobile phone or a Foxtel subscription, the new store is stylish and more a lifestyle destination store than the struggling Microsoft store. 

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Described as an interactive digital boutique, with an in-store barista Telstra will also sell a new range of tech fashion accessories.

Telstra Country Wide, Andrew Coull said aspects of the flagship store would eventually be rolled out across the Telstra network.

“We need to innovate and be ahead of customer demand to ensure we’re providing the best possible service for our customers,” Mr Coull said.

Telstra expects the new store to pull in as many as 5000 customers a day in the lead-up to Christmas, double its normal store traffic in the old-style shop.

Mr Coull said the challenge was connecting with customers in what was an increasingly digital business and he said the competition was not limited to high-profile players such as Apple.

“In all honesty, I think if you look at the breadth of what we are going to be doing in this space, it’s a very wide-angled lens in terms of competition,” Mr Coull said.

“We are really trying to set a new standard for how we serve customers, how we connect them and how we educate them.”

One of the key innovations is tap and take “touch tables” where customers can see all the information about a device, simply by placing it on a high resolution, multi-touch display table.

Tailoring each store to its community’s unique attributes is one of the key focuses of the new retail concept and to this end the flagship store has partnered with Melbourne bag creator Crumpler.

“There about 20 different Crumpler products – like charging bags – available through the store; it’s the first time we’ve worked with them and it’s pretty special because they are a Melbourne-based operation,” Mr Coull said.

“We really want to make this store feel really local . so it is part of the community.”