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French Fried And Healthy?

French Fried And Healthy?Health-conscious cooks will welcome this new kitchen appliance because it produces a guilt-free crunchy texture on favourite foods including crumbed chicken and seafood, vegetable chips and spring rolls. Requiring little to no oil during the cooking process, the Air Chef Air Fryer creates everyday foods and party snacks, without compromising on nutritional value.

The Air Fryer can also be used as a compact oven to bake cakes and mini baguettes, grill fish and roast meats and vegetables.

Its non-stick 2.5 litre capacity basket makes it easy to create a meal or a large serving of sides. A safety auto cut-out pauses the cooking process when the basket is removed during use and resumes when positioned back into place.

Other features include a 1550 watt heating element for fast heat up and cooking, variable temperature control of up to 200?C and cord storage.

The Kambrook Air Chef Air Fryer is available now and retails for $169.95. For more information go to www.kambrook.com.au