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Vendors + CE Retailers Capturing Vast Amounts Of Data On Consumers

Vendors + CE Retailers Capturing Vast Amounts Of Data On Consumers

ChannelNews is aware that manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic are building large email databases, with several vendors now linking the email address with other data and information supplied by partner organisations. 

Some vendors are using this data to sell direct or when a new product is launched market their new offerings directly.

Dick Smith recently admitted that their access to the David Jones databases and the mined data that David Jones holds on their customers had led to increased sales for premium consumer electronics products.  

Leading advertising agency group STW Group who work with brands such as Toshiba and Microsoft is currently undertaking a massive training exercise to prepare staff at agencies such as the way big data is revolutionising the marketing, advertising and media sectors.

About 1000 executives from the listed group – which includes the local arms of advertising networks Ogilvy, JWT and Mindshare and more than 70 other companies in Australasia and Southeast Asia are set to be put through “data boot camp” over the next six months according to the Australian newspaper. 

Long-time STW executive Iain Goode has been appointed business director in charge of the group’s Data Hub, which functions as a virtual learning centre designed to help disseminate data expertise in areas such as customer profiling, digital media and consumer research from companies across the group.

STW chief operating officer Chris Savage told the Australian that the impact big data would have on marketing strategy, customer segmentation, digital media targeting and the ability to optimise campaigns in near-real time was comparable to the impact of digital technology in the past decade.

Former CBA chief marketing officer Andy Lark – who was last week named global chief marketing officer for online accounting company Xero – was commissioned a year ago to help develop STW’s data strategy.

“I think they are moving faster than most agency networks to realise the promise of data to build more intimate and relevant communications with the customer,” Mr Lark said.