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4G Tech Developer InterDigital Suing Lenovo

US mobile technology developer InterDigital is suing Lenovo over accusations the company infringed on the company’s patents for 4G technology.

The suit alleges tech used in laptops, tablets, and Motorola branded smartphones was stolen by the Chinese based Lenovo, according to Bloomberg.

The two companies have reportedly been locked in licensing negotiations for years, but InterDigital has decided it will now sue Lenovo, seeking an unspecified cash compensation and a ban on Lenovo continuing to use the company’s technology without a license.

A total of eight patents were included in the US court action.

UK-based news site telecoms.com is reporting InterDigital has also filed documents in the UK High Court of Justice relating to four European patents.

Chinese companies stealing intellectual property from US companies has been one of many issues in the ongoing Sino-US trade disputes.

It’s not yet clear if InterDigital plans to bring further action but a database search reveals the company also holds patents in Australia, where Lenovo and Motorola devices are also sold.

Representatives from the company have been contacted for further contact.


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