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Sharp’s New 80″ Big Pad Creates Collaborative Experiences

SharpThe use of capacitive touch technology is a first for the Sharp interactive whiteboard range, with Sharp stating a unique metal mesh has been employed to augment the detection process, increasing sensitivity and precision, creating “a 10-point touchscreen that has no lag time and feels natural to use”.

“Create interactive presentations, start lively discussions, and conduct paperless meetings in both business and educational settings thanks to the 10-point feather light touchscreen and connectivity options that allow up to 50 simultaneous connections to mobile devices,” Sharp states of the PN-80TC3.

The Touch Display Link 2.0 meeting support application, available for iOS, Android and Windows devices, allows up to 50 simultaneous participants connecting to the PN-80TC3 to see a real-time duplication of what is being displayed, along with any handwritten notes as they are being created.

Files can also be sent from connected devices to the main screen, while

content written on-screen can be saved and sent to all connected devices.

In an education environment, Sharp states the PN-80TC3 can share curriculum materials across connected devices, while the panel can also be written on using wireless digitiser pens by four students at the same time. Teachers can use the panel like a regular whiteboard and send a copy of all notes written on the board to each student in PDF form.

The PN-80TC3 includes three HDMI, two D-sub and one DisplayPort, grouped in two banks, each bank with its own USB output. It also has an additional DisplayPort connector for output, as well as a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a USB connector in the pen tray.

It has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080, a contrast ratio of 4000:1, is rated at 200 cd/m2 brightness, with a 4 ms grey-to-grey refresh response time, is capable of reproducing 1064 million colours, and has a viewing angle of 176 degrees/176 degrees (horizontal/vertical).

“Enabling innovative collaboration opportunities is the primary focus for the new Big Pad PN-80TC3,” Halim Saliman, Sharp Corporation of Australia senior product manager, commented.

“Connecting 50 users at once makes it a perfect learning tool in the classroom, with teachers and students sharing and creating like never before. When used in an office, it can transform presentations and streamline communications initiatives.”

The PN-80TC3 carries a price tag of $19,995 RRP.