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No New PC’s Running Windows 10 On Sale At Retailers As Manufacturers Battle Driver Problems

No New PC

Late yesterday two major manufacturers confirmed to ChannelNews that they are having problems with the new OS conflicting with drivers including NVIDIA and Bluetooth drivers and that they have had to reload the new Win OS license onto  thousands of PC’s because of driver problems associated with the new licencing program. 

One brand who claims that they are not affected by driver problems is Lenovo who yesterday said that they will begin shipping a wide selection of products loaded with Windows 10 “immediately”, however they did not specify when the new Windows 10 product will be in stores in Australia.

What they did say was that Lenovo has an extensive list of products eligible for a Windows 10 upgrade including popular models like the YOGA 3 Pro and YOGA 500. 

Lenovo said that they have worked with Microsoft to make the process of upgrading simple, for people with qualified Lenovo PC running Windows 7 SP1 or 8.1 to upgrade to Windows 10. Starting on July 29.

Lenovo said that they have also upgraded their own apps to work on the new Windows OS while also introducing new apps. 

They include a new Lenovo Companion 3.0 optimization tool that keeps devices running at peak performance. It can be used at any time to run a full-scale check-up and report back with specific actions to free up space and speed up the device.  

As a “smart” device control hub, the new Lenovo settings lets users adapt and modify the way their device behaves. 

For example, when in tablet mode, the product will customize its display and other settings based on its orientation versus in traditional laptop mode. 

Alternatively, the device’s usage will also alter its settings, for example when watching a movie versus reading an e-book. With SHAREit, customers can quickly transfer files between devices.  For tablet users WRITEit takes the pen to a new level of functionality allowing users to write in any input field with their pen and the handwriting is converted to text.

Lenovo has also integrated Cortana and REACHit, Lenovo’s new app that allows users who opt-in to search for and manage their content across multiple devices and cloud storage platforms. With REACHit, Cortana becomes even smarter and more personal, enabling users to find their content such as emails, photos and videos in ways they never thought possible. Cortana and REACHit gives users a seamless, intuitive way to search through natural language and contextual understanding. 

This functionality will be available in beta to Lenovo users starting in the September.