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Lenovo Determined To Dominate PC Consumer Market In OZ

Lenovo is determined to dominate in the PC consumer market in Australia according to Matt Codrington Managing Director, Greater Asia Pacific, who I caught up with earlier this week.

Already the number one PC company in the world Lenovo is set to take advantage of new Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite technology to deliver a new generation of incredibly thin notebooks.

Shortly the business will launch the Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 14 2024 Snapdragon Edition powered by the new Snapdragon X Elite, with some tipping it could fanless.

It’s tipped to have a 14.5” display, just like the other Yoga Slip 7 14.

Battery capacity and endurance are unknown, but Qualcomm is claiming that they will match any Intel 13th gen CPU while using 68% less power.

It will also have Microsoft’s new AI Copilot built in as Lenovo moves to dominate the market with new AI PC’s and notebooks.

Microsoft requires 16GB of RAM and 40 TOPS processing power to certify a computer as an “AI PC” with this machine tipped to meet this specification because the Hexagon NPU inside Snapdragon X Elite can deliver 45 TOPS.

A powerful NPU will allow this notebook to run a variety of AI tasks locally, instead of relying on the cloud with observers claiming, if we’re stuck with AI as a key selling point, it’s better to have it local than in the cloud.

Samsung is also working on a 14” laptop with the Snapdragon X Elite, rumour has it that it will be called the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge, the big question is will it be launched in Australia.

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