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NSW Police Blame 000 For Not Attending Accidents

NSW Police officers have been caught out lying after claiming that  000 operators failed to notify them of a hit and run accident after a vehicle was rammed multiple times.

A  North Shore policeofficer recently claimed that they did not attend an incident  when an offender rammed a car three times, reversed into a Mercedes and then fled  the scene without giving any details to two people impacted by the incident because they did not get notified of the incident by 000 operaters.

However call logs on a mobile phone tell a different story.

Last Friday the driver of a Mercedes called Police to attend an incident in Neutral Bay.

In all he called the police three times, but no police officers bothered to turn up at the incident which was witnessed by several people and despite the seriousness of the incident. The caller has phone logs that show that he not only called police they at one stage called him back.

Days later a Chatswood Police officer claimed Police were “never called” to the scene of the incident.“

When asked why she said “If you have a problem with this, take it up with 000” she said.

One Witness who stood around for close to an hour waiting for police to attend has provided log files from a mobile phone that proves that not only were calls made to 000, but a police officer from Chatswood actually called him back while he was waiting at the scene.

The drama unfolded after a hit a BMW X4 was hit three times after trying to overtake on a single traffic lane on Wycombe Road Neutral Bay.

The attempted overtaking happened on the inside left of the BMW, with the offender mounting the pavement with one witness claiming the “ramming” was deliberate.

Three days after statements were given by multiple witnesses at Mosman Police station, a North Shore police officer called the drivers impacted by the incident, claiming that the offender who lived in Neutral Bay had later in the day attended North Sydney Police station and had “given his side of the story” and that no further action was being taken.

This was despite there being three witnesses to the event, with all witnesses claiming that the driver of the can that rammed the BMW was in the wrong.

She claimed that as far as she was concerned his attendance to give details at a Police station was the end of the incident and in her opinion, it was now “An insurance issue”.

The female police officer claimed that police were taking no further accident because it was a traffic accident and the offender had voluntarily gone to a police station.

Location where the driver mounted the pavement to pass on the inside

No charges for dangerous driving, failing to hand over details and deliberately leaving the scene of an incident were laid.

According to multiple witnesses including people who lived in nearby flats the offender returned to the scene of the accident, 10 minutes after the incident, and when asked to provide his details waved his hands around in front of several people shouting F##K off, F##K off, F##K off before he then ran off without providing any details.

We have approached the Inspector of operations in Chatswood who is responsible for North Shore Operations in Chatswood, Mosman and North Sydney for a comment.They have not called back.

Yesterday it was revealed that a high-ranking member of the NSW Police Force was charged with drink-driving, six months after allegedly crashing his car and later abandoning the vehicle.

9News claimed that the inspector attended functions in The Rocks, in the city’s CBD, in May before allegedly getting behind the wheel of his police-issued car.

The 46-year-old allegedly struck a barrier while off-duty and driving on the NorthConnex ramp at 1.54am.

Police apparently begged for his name not to be released. This is also the same police force that send its own camera crews to incidents in an effort to get publicity for an arrest, while finding resources to sit cars in North Shore Streets using new technology in an effort to generate traffic offence revenue.

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