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Unloseable Sunglasses A Standout At Tech23 2014

Unloseable Sunglasses A Standout At Tech23 2014Industry leaders, enterprise and start-up sponsors, along with Tech23 alumni companies, awarded a number of prizes, including thousands in cash, meetings with influential people and trips overseas at the Tech23 awards ceremony.

With the technology ranging from solutions for business to the internet of everything, 20-year-old Liao took out the People’s Choice Award for his wearable tech solution.

Tzukuri sunglasses employ Bluetooth low energy, a new technology drawing very little power, meaning solar cells can keep it charged.

Misplaced Tzukuris can be located via an iPhone app, which displays how far away they are, or, if not in range, their last location on a map.

The Innovation Excellence Award went to Intelligent Fleet Logistics for its vehicle routing and scheduling optimisation technology, while the Greatest Potential Award was awarded to Clipp for its bar tab app.

Intelligent Fleet Logistics’ Cost to Serve suite of products use optimisation technology designed to maximise profitability, and can be tailored to handle the constraints that apply to individual organisations.

Integrating with the point-of-sale system to provide real-time visibility, Clipp’s bar tab app allows users to open a tab via smartphone, with users also able to pay directly by smartphone via a one-step process.

“The scope and impact of Tech23 continues to grow exponentially,” event founder Rachel Slattery commented.

“This year we had companies from six states representing products and services that range from big data technology to location services, enterprise applications to healthcare.”

Slattery added the technology on display “boasted benefits for business and community alike”.