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Uniden’s Smart Home Control Range To Launch In Oz

UnidenThe range includes HD pan and tilt cameras and magnetic sensors for doors and windows, along with indoor sirens, which are compatible with Uniden’s existing range of App Cam indoor and weatherproof outdoor cameras.

Passive infrared motion sensors, which come with the Deluxe kit, detect movement in “blind spot” locations not covered by cameras.

A gateway hub acts as the control room, sending and receiving signals from the sensors, sirens and cameras. Uniden states the key remote control can arm and disarm the home via the touch of a button, and begin filming on cameras connected to the system.

The system can also be expanded with additional sensors, cameras and sirens.

Uniden’s Guardian Home app, available for iOS and Android devices, provides a range of options, allowing users to remotely view footage in real-time, manoeuvre camera movements and set off sirens to deter intruders. Users are notified via alerts sent to the app and their assigned email address when sensors or sirens are triggered.

Users can also set-up multiple scenarios via the app to suit their preferences.

Brad Hales, Uniden Australia national marketing communications manager, stated Uniden “recognises the growing demand for reliable products that are easy to use”.

“As a future-proof solution for any home, the Smart Home Control series offers retailers a reputable DIY home security system that can be customised for each home,” Hales commented.

Both the Deluxe and Starter kits, priced at $699.95 RRP and $399.95 RRP, respectively, will be available in September.

Uniden Smart Home Control: Deluxe Kit (GSHC5000):

– 1 x gateway hub
– 5 x magnetic sensors for doors/windows
– 2 x passive infrared motion sensors
– 2 x remote controls
– 1 x indoor siren
– 2 x App Cam 26 HD pan and tilt indoor cameras

Uniden Smart Home Control: Starter Kit (GSHC1000):

– 1 x gateway hub
– 3 x magnetic sensors for doors/windows
– 2 x remote controls
– 1 x App Cam 24 HD indoor camera