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11 Samsung Cooking Products Receive Energy Star Certification

In a move to energy efficiency, Samsung has revealed 11 of its induction cooking products, including one cooktop and 10 ranges, have received the Energy Star certification by the EPA (Environment Protection Authority) for residential electric cooking products.

U.S EPA Energy Star Products Director, Ann Bailey said, “Cooking products represent the next frontier for residential energy efficiency, with induction technology offering an exciting new way for American households to be part of the clean energy future.”

“If all residential electric cooking tops sold in the United States were Energy Star certified, energy cost savings would grow to $160 million each year, and almost 1.75 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions would be prevented.”

From December last year, 72% of Samsung’s appliances are Energy Star certified in categories with specifications.

Back in 2021, the company’s Smart Induction Cooktop was the first to recognised with the EPA Emerging Technology Award.

Part of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) in the US allows customers to access home appliance rebates for discounts on Energy Star heat pump dryers and cooking appliances.

Once funding is received to implement these programs, customers are able to save money depending on the rebate set.

Head of Corporate Sustainability for Samsung Electronics America, Mark Newton said, “At Samsung, we know that a greener future starts at home. Samsung supports the goals of the IRA home rebates to accelerate access to energy-efficient appliances for households of all income levels and to help reduce emissions in the residential sector.”

“Samsung is committed to empowering consumer choice, and we’re proud of the role our company plays in helping families reduce their energy footprint, save money, and make a meaningful impact on the future of their communities.”

Soon, the company will also be launching new energy-efficient products, including the Bespoke AI Slide-In Induction Range.

Samsung remains focused on sustainability and reducing energy consumption. It will also introduce home energy monitoring and management settings into the SmartThings app through SmartThings Energy. This is compatible with over 300 brands, and thousands of products.

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