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Panasonic’s Post Focus Mode Delivers Preferred Focus

PanasonicPost Focus mode captures all possible focus points from foreground to background with each shutter press, with Panasonic stating it is “ideal for situations such as macro or food photography”, with the ability to refine the image post-shot providing for sharp and accurate focus on a precise area.

“Post Focus is designed for macro shooting, food or portraiture where perfect focus is a must in achieving that great creative shot,” Scott Mellish, Panasonic business manager, G Series, commented.

“When the moment is fleeting, you can use this mode to capture your image, with flexibility in deciding on the absolutely ideal focus point after the event. You can take your shot and then review and select your preferred focus point so it is pin-sharp.

“An added benefit in this mode is access to adjustment tools such as Focus Peaking and 5x magnification to really fine-tune your image to the smallest of details and achieve stunning


Post Focus is available by updating the firmware to version 2.0., with Australian consumers able to
download the upgrade from November 26.

The download will be available here.