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LG Unveils UX 4.0 Interface To Feature On G4 Flagship

LG Unveils UX 4.0 Interface To Feature On G4 FlagshipLG says the new interface will offer a more “personalised user experience”, stating it “promises to be simpler and more intuitive and will better understand and respond to the needs of each user”.

“Up until now, UX enhancements have generally focused on delivering greater convenience to all users,” LG states.

“With the new LG UX 4.0, the focus shifts toward providing more optimised and intuitive convenience to each individual at every user level for optimal enjoyment of their LG device.”

Among the UX’s new features, LG has introduced Quick Shot, which allows users to take pictures by double-tapping the Rear Key, even while the phone’s display is off, while an upgraded version of Smart Bulletin “automatically aggregates vital information from multiple apps on the same page for maximum convenience”.

The new camera features three new user modes – Simple, Basic and Manual – designed to meet the needs of all levels of photographers.

An upgraded calendar is designed to allow users to drag and drop appointments, working in conjunction with events posted in social media accounts, with a focus less on typing and more on touching and gesturing.

LG states improved Smart Notice “promises to provide more personalised notifications for weather, travel and more by analysing a user’s daily routine and travel schedule and combining this information with the user’s lifestyle habits”.

By way of example, LG states a user who enjoys basketball may receive a notification stating: “The weather will be mostly sunny today. It’s the perfect weather to get out and play basketball.”

The Gallery can create event-specific albums based on the location and time photos were taken, while Ringtone ID automatically composes unique ringtones for contacts in the user’s favourites list.

LG’s G4 is set to be unveiled on April 28.