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ISP Anti-Piracy Code Stalled

ISP Anti-Piracy Code Stalled

When the code was submitted to ACMA by the Communications Alliance – a group representing ISPs, telcos, communications vendors, consultants and suppliers – some details, such as who would pay the costs associated with the scheme, were not included.

The code proposes a “copyright notice scheme” under which residential Internet users alleged to have infringed copyright online ¬†– and having been identified by their ISPs – would receive an escalating series of infringement notices “designed to change their behaviour and help steer them toward lawful sources of content.”

The code allows an account holder who receives three infringement notices in 12 months to have the validity of the allegations independently reviewed.

¬†Comms Alliance boss John Stanton has said the proposed code has a “strong emphasis on public education” and does not contain explicit sanctions against Internet users, like those sought by movie studios and other copyright holders.

Said ACMA’s GM Jennifer McNeill yesterday: “At the time the code was presented, Communications Alliance . indicated that there were some outstanding matters still to be agreed with rights holders – and it’s really only when a landing on those matters is reached that we’ll be in a position to make a proper assessment of the code, how it works, its costs and benefits.”