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LG Set To Scale Back Smartphone Operation

LG Set To Scale Back Smartphone Operation

The move comes days after arch rival Samsung announced a similar move. 

Also scaling back demand for Smartphones due to the market reaching what analysts have described as “a saturation point” is Sony and HTC. 

LG who have had a lot of success with their G3 smart is set to reduce the number of devices it will ship in the first half of the year, there is also speculation that they are looking to include stylus input in a model that will take on Samsung’s Note 4.

According to BGR, sources LG is set to kill off the bulk of their phablet-style G Pro line of devices, in favour of refocusing work on the G range. The flagship device launches will also be paired down to just one standard model and a phablet model.

The likely candidate for the standard model is a new G4, a successor to the award winning 5.5-inch G3. 

A recent trademark filing for an LG G Pen hints at a stylus similar to the stylus used in the Samsung Galaxy Note. 

Business Korea reports the G Watch R2 could make an appearance at Mobile World Congress next year, with its own built-in cellular connectivity options. While the Samsung Gear S allows for connections over 3G and Wi-Fi, the rumoured G Watch R2 will instead offer LTE connectivity, with the naming convention hinting it could be a round-faced design similar to the existing G Watch R.