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Penny For Your Optical Drive? MacBook Owners Discover Unexplained Coin Inside Device

Owners of older MacBook computers are finding coins wedged above the optical drive inside their devices.

Gizmodo reported that a user of the image sharing site Imgur uploaded photos of the strange phenomenon last week, with a US penny sitting underneath a sealed plastic cover above the Apple SuperDrive.

The article notes that this is not the first instance of a coin being found inside a MacBook, with reports stretching back to at least 2010. YouTube user Greg Kilpatrick uploaded a video of a US quarter wedged in the same position almost seven years ago, noting “AppleCare [doesn’t] know why it’s there… Anyone else know?”

Additional reports include a post by a Canadian user of the Mac Rumors forum in 2013. The owner, who said they purchased their MacBook directly from Apple in 2011, found a Canadian quarter stuck above the SuperDrive.

It’s not clear how the coins came to be lodged inside the MacBook computers. Possible explanations include that the coins simply fell into the SuperDrive disc slot, but this doesn’t explain how the coins become wedged underneath sealed plastic.

Apple has yet to comment on the matter. ChannelNews was unable to find any instances of Australian MacBook owners discovering coins inside their devices.

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