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Lenovo Invest In New MotoMods

Lenovo has picked two winning teams from its MotoMod hackathon events to receive up to $1 million in investment funding from Lenovo Capital, as well as eventual distribution by Verizon.

The winning MotoMod concepts here included Digiframe, little widget-based sticky note screen tacked onto the back of your smartphone, and the MACAY TrueSound HiFi which puts a full-blown digital-to-analog audio converter on your Moto Z.

Assuming all goes to plan, the two winning teams will be adding their products to Motorola’s MotoMod library within the next year.

With LG and Google abandoning the premise, Motorola have been left as the last man standing when it comes to modular smartphones and the company are prepared to build on that foundation by encouraging customers with the right ideas and engineering know-how can try and add to that ecosystem.

Motorola themselves are also doubling down on official MotoMods like battery-packs, mini-projectors and even a directional speaker that adds Amazon’s Alexa to the equation.

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